09 december 2009

Merry Swiftmas

Hittade denna länk via Taylor Swifts officiella twitter. Det är ett fan till henne som gjort en underbar låt med en liknande melodi till en av Swifts låtar, men med en underbar julig text. Hyllning till taylor Swift. Helt underbar såklart! Behöver jag nämna att Swift älskar den? X) (och att jag älskar den?! XD)

LYRICS (by Evan Taubenfeld & Adam Richman)

Hey what do ya know it's time for Christmas
And I've been acting good all year
I never have been all that superstitious
But that don't mean I hate reindeer
So Santa, I don't know if you're listenin
Im not quite sure how this works
I wanna good girl for huggin and kissin
Not a headcase who only dates jerks

I don't need more toys and shiny things
I just want a blonde who likes to sing

CH 1
So don't put a bow on a box
Theres no need to send Megan Fox
I don't need big mansion
So lets nix Scarlett Johansson
They'll be teardrops on my guitar
If I end up with Amy Smart
So Santa for my gift, please send me Taylor Swift

So Santa when you come down the chimney
You can skip right past the kitchen
Im sure youre sick of all of the cookies
So got you Fearless Platinum Edition

And no one will mess with her when she's mine
And Kanye will watch his mouth next time

CH 2
Yeah, I'm gonna have to refuse
If in comes Penelope Cruz
If she is a bad girl, sending her back
Cause Lindsay Lohan is wack (just like crack)
I'd rather have Jason Mraz (Im yours)
Than be stuck with Cameron Diaz
So Santa for my gift, please send me Taylor Swift

I know her and I are gonna fit...
Taylor Taubenfeld has a ring to it

CH 3
Id rather be hangin alone
Than makin out with Emma Stone
Yeah Id rather get a subpoena
Than kick it with Angelina
Yeah I'll probably shed a few tears
If you mess up and send Britney Spears
So Santa for my gift, please send me Taylor Swift

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Elin sa...

Haha :P Kan passa på att berätta för dig att Evan Taubenfield var Avril Lavignes första gitarrist och har varit i många musikvideor med henne ;)