11 november 2010

bara 20 år och så klok redan

Jag lever efter dessa citat

"Life isn't about how to survive the storm, it's about how to dance in the rain."

"if you have somethings that make you different, you should embrace that, don't ever change"

"Think of it as nature, our favourite pair of shoes is the ones we bought yesterday, our favourite thing at the moment is the newest thing we have and if you think about the thing we see the most and for the longest period of time is our reflection in the mirror, so obviously that will be our least favourite thing"

"To me, Fearless is not the absense of fear. It's not being completely unafraid. To me, Fearless is having fears. Fearless is having doubts. Lots of them. To me, Fearless is living in spite of those things that scare you to death."

"I’m intimidated by the fear of being average."

"The lesson Iv'e leanrned the most often in life is that your'e always going to know more in the future than you know know"

"No matter what happens in life, be good to people. Being good to people is a wonderful legacy to leave behind."

"I’ve learned that you can’t predict [love] or plan for it. For someone like me who is obsessed with organization and planning, I love the idea that love is the one exception to that. Love is the one wild card."

"Sophistication isn't what you wear, or who you know,
Or pushing people down to get you where you wanna go."

"hey stephen i could give you 50 reason why i would be the one to choose. will all those other girls well their beautiful but would they write a song for you..."

"FEARLESS is getting back up and fighting for what you want over and over again....even though every time you've tried before you've lost."

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