08 augusti 2010

The Best Day

Since it seems like it's not so many readers here I'm going to try writing in english. Just so I wont forget how to do so and this is great since almost no one will read it.

Anyway. I had the best day today and I'm not only quoting Taylor Swift, I really had a great day today. Didn't set the alarm yesterday wich meant I could sleep in and when I woke up there was no rain for once. WONDERFUL. AMAZING. It has been like two days since I got here without rain so waking up to a blue sky was a bit of a chock. A good one. I and some friends got to the sea and had fun in the sun. It was so warm that I acctually got in the ocean for a VERY short swim. I at least got wet! First and last time I'll bathing outside this year I think. We had a great day that ended with chocolate milkshake at McD and Eclipse for the third time at a cinema who had the special offer: go 2 pay for 1 :D I LOVE Eclipse, It's an amazing film. On my way to the beach and home I listened to the AMAZING Taylor Swifts new single, Mine and I'm so amazed with her capability to write such amazing texts.

And what way is better to end a wonderful day than read some fanfiction? So that's what I'm gonna do. Have a nice evening.

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