08 juli 2009

Going away untill august 2nd

Yep as the headline says. At thursday morning I will leave this beautiful city I'm living in and go to Göteborg to meet som friends. Then at Sunday I will go to Framnäs a small semesterhome for germans and danish people in the middle of NOWHERE in the woods of south Sweden.

At Framnäs there's a lake, som boats, a soccerfield, some cows, some snakes (HELP!!!), a lot of mosqitos, no internet, almost no phones, no TV. So really, I will be OFFfor more than Three WEEKS. Horrible! How will I survive without internet, twitter, Twi-news and OFCOURSE: THE NEW POTTER-FILM! I will not be able to see it until august 2nd or 3rd, and really, it's already killing me. I've been a HP-fan since I was NINE! it's.... eleven years.. soon. more than half of my live, and I've ALWAYS seen the premiers and now I can't because I'm litterally STUCK IN THE WOODS. Bah, Emmy is REALLY SAD.

So if you're my friends. Text me som messengers. My cell will work sometimes when I'm working in the kitchen because it's at a hill. (Yeah I'm REALLY going to a place where a cell not working so well! I'm gonna DIE!) Does it sound like I choosed this job myself? and that I LOvE Framnäs and working there, and that this will be my 8th year there? XD NO, probably not. It's just that I REALLY want to see the new Potter-film. SO MUCH :(
WHY WHY WHY is the premiere the 15th of July :(

Anyway. What I wanted to say. I will be gone until august 2nd. Have a nice live! and they who have my cellnumber - TEXT ME! :D (and NOT about the new HP-film because then I'll KILL YOU!- REALLY!)

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