07 juli 2009

English - new homemade dress!

Yep, really. I'm SO TERRIBLE Bad at this beautiful language, so I will try to write at least one update á weak in english. I don't know if I'll made it but I'll give it a try!

This saturday I spend the whole day sewing at a dress and a poncho. It went very well and I have already used the dress this sunday at my cousins confirmation.

I took some - not so well - pictures, but yeah. They're better than nothing. right? (and ignore my not so beautiful face, I could'nt edit the pictures at this computer)

2 kommentarer:

Sabine sa...

I still love that dress, give it to me now!
I actually have an idea about only blogging in english, but what if I don't kow how to write down what I want to say, I'm afraid I'll get angry and not write at all... maybe one swedish and one english? The english one could be about...eeehe.... ROBERT PATTINSON (yeah, like the rest of them, hah)

This is great, if I'm going to live in England I have to learn the language..

Emmy sa...

Haha thanks, I love it too. I'm thinking of making another one in a different colour xD but I don't know if it's worth it.

I have been thinking that too, but I just want one blog and I maybee change this one and just write everything in english. I mean, It can't get worse than it already is? XD
I want to live in England too. OXFORD OXFORD OXFORD. What a BEAUTIFUL city that is <3 <3 <3