23 december 2010


Finaste julsången enligt mig. Denna och Werner&Werners "Vår Julskinka Har Rymt"

Engelska texten: Northern Lights (originaltitel: Koppången)
1. There is silence around me in this peaceful winter night.
From the church down in the valley I can see the candlelight.
And I stopped for a moment in this winter paradise,
When I heard a choir singing through the darkness and the ice.

Refr. And the rays of lights behind the window's vaulted frames
Have united the souls in hope that something great is waiting.
And I know that those who have left us here had the same thoughts as I,
We're like flames in the darkness and stars up in the sky.

And I see how they sparkle and they fade before my eyes
And the truth is coming closer like a wonder in disguise.
We are caught here for a moment like an imprint of a hand
On an old and frosted window or a footprint in the sand.

refr. For a while I'm eternal - that's the only thing I know,
I am here and we share our dreams about our destination.
It is cold out here, the snow is white but I'm warm deep inside.
I am warm 'cause I know that my faith will be my guide

2 kommentarer:

Erica sa...

Hej Li!
Hoppas allt är bra och att du hade en fin jul.
Puss :*

Elin sa...

Denna är så vacker! Jag älskar den svenska texten, men den engelska är också jättefin :)

Hoppas att allt är bra med dig, min vän!