20 maj 2013

Swedish summer on the way

So much has happened the last three months and I'm so happy with where I am in life right now.

I went to America with my family in March and had a wonderful time in New York even if it was windy and cold (at that time Sweden was even more windy and a lot colder, so I was just happy is wasn't snowing in New York City) and then heading south to Washington D.C was really fun to see new places in america I've never visited before. Then heading down to Orlando, Florida and for the first time in 6 months feel warmth again and getting burnt by the sun was more amazing than I guess you could ever imagine. Sweden have had winter and snow for 7 months this winter and to just be able to escape that for two weeks were everything to me. Florida with sunshine, Harry Potter-themes parks, palm trees, white beaches, lemonades and a lot of other fun things to do was and still is like a dream to me. I can't believe some people actually live like that all year round. Seeing real, wild dolphins in the ocean and alligators in Everglades are things I'll never forget.

Going home to cold Sweden and a few more weeks of snow was just bearable after that amazing trip to the States and when spring finally came, 2 months later than usual, it all just exploded with warmth and the trees went green in what felt was just overnight. Now I can wear my mini-shorts I bought at Times Square and my dress I found in Orlando without freezing do death, ofc I'm usually wet since it rains here most of the time, but I'm used to it since Sweish summer usually holds a LOT of rain every year.

I'm finally a licenced nurse, all paperwork is done and I've been working full-time for two months now. It's long and hard hours, not much spare time but I love it. I love my job and I love that every day is not anything like the day before. I love learning new stuff every day and growing more confident in my role as a lifesaver.
I love my job and I'm so happy I never gave up even if it was tough from time to time, I wouldn't be here if I didn't fight that hard for it, and it was so worth it.

I'm going to London next month to visit a friend living there and we have tickets to a sold out show at Wembley Stadium when The Boss is playing. I'm really excited about that!

I've also big plans for September since me and a friend is going to Nashville and New York then. Taylor Swifts last three concerts at the american leg of the RED tour is in Nashville, the last show on my birthday and I'm really stoked about going. This will be the best way to ever spend any birthday of mine and it's all I can ever think about. Taylor Swifts music is the soundtrack to my life and a day is not complete without hearing her music at least for a few minutes.

 Me in New York
 Me in Washington D.C
 Me in Orlando, FL. at Universal Island Adventures
 Key West
 Me and my brother having fun at Miami Beach
Me and my mom at Miami Beach

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