21 maj 2012


yeah. 430 days ago I was in Oslo, Norway with a friend and sightseeing since it was the day before the show and all. I knew Taylor had arrived to Oslo the night before since outside her hotel were a LOT of black mini-vans and I had friends that met her mom and band members on the street outside that hotel. It was FREEZING outside and I couldn't feel my toes all day.
But I never thought I would meet my biggest role model and that my dream would come true in just a few short hours.

This is what happened.
I've got to know a few girls from a Swedish fanpage (taylorswiftsweden.se) and we hade made a fan-project together. Or I had made it and they come up with the idea. And we decided to meet up and eat together the evening before the concert. We ended up at McDonalds just around the corner of the hotel Taylor was staying at and I'm very reserved so I didn't want to just hang outside her hotel all evening in hopes she would come out. I'm more the kind of person walking by VERY slowly hoping she would come out at that exact moment haha. (what are the chances that will happen?) so my hopes of meeting her were just a distant dream and I was so very happy to be able to see her in concert for the first time since she've never been to Scandinavia before. OK back to that evening. we were at McDonalds and the other girls wanted to go to her hotel and I was like "I don't wanna stalk her" and we decided to just walk by later that evening when we had eaten.
You know that feeling you get sometimes and you just HAVE TO DO IT and if you don't you're afraid something bad will happen? I got that feeling. Kind of. I just felt like if we should go by her hotel, we had to go NOW. and I just said to them in a middle of a conversation that we had to go, and luckily they were oh so happy to do so. and we went there, met four other girls at the hotel and we asked them how lang they've been there. and then the most srtange thing happen. Grant comes out with like four bodyguards and it's really strange since he never have bodyguards haha. and then I realize why because right behing Grant comes Taylor
in that moment everything just stops. The world isn't spinning anymore, nothing exists in this world than me, Taylor, the other girls, Grant and her bodyguards. The world is suddenly very very small xD I have no idea what she's talking about, but we're 10 girls there and all of us are just wonderstruck and staring at her, so she's talking like really fast and a little awkward. I'm so surprised this is happening that my brain just freaks out and I can't function. I just stand there with my camera in my hand - staring at her and not believeing she is really there. The bodygards are saying it's too cold outside and I remember thinking that this was the first time in many hours I didn't feel the cold. and Taylor suggest a group picture and Grant borrow a girls camera and then Taylor look straight at me, smiles and hold out her arm. I never move my feet, I'm like frozen since she came out of the door so she come to me, put her arm around me and pose for the photo. I never even let go of my camera to have my arm around her, I just stand there and ccan't believe this is happening. Is she really real?! yes, I can smell her. And then the picture is taken she let go of me, smile at me again and it seems like she's expecting me to hug her or say anything, but I never do I just look at her and then she's in the car and I've not moved or opened my mouth but I've met my one inspiration and the only rolemodel I've ever had. I never hugged her, I never got an autograph and I didn't tell her I loved her. But I think she understood me, and now little more that a year later I wonder if she saw that I was freaking out so much I just froze and that she came to me because of that. I don't know and will never know that, but we had a silent conversation and I got the feeling that she really did understand what I wanted to say but couldn't. And she made that day the best day of my life by just smiling at me and being so beautifully flawless ony she can be And I got pit the day of the concert and she clutched my hand in hers and held on while walking up the staircase to the scene. and I got a guitarpic from Grant at the concert. He's really awesome! when she sang Fearless and the lyrics "and I don't know how it gets better than this.." I cried and decided that I would see her live again and I idn't care what it would take to make it happen. That's the reason I got tickets to her last show at the Garden in NYC and went across the whole world for her. 430 days ago and I still remember it as yesterday. Thank you Taylor Swift for making my dream come true

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